Ionescu cabinet

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The cabinet of Take Ionescu was the government of Romania from 17 December 1921 to 19 January 1922.


The ministers of the cabinet were as follows:[1]

  • President of the Council of Ministers:
  • Minister of the Interior:
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs:
  • Minister of Finance:
  • Minister of Justice:
  • Minister of War:
  • Minister of Public Works:
  • Minister of Communications:
  • Minister of Industry and Commerce:
  • Minister of Public Instruction:
  • Minister of Religious Affairs and the Arts:
  • Minister of Agriculture:
  • Minister of Property:
  • Minister of Labour and Social Security:
  • Minister of State (without portfolio):


  1. ^ Stelian Neagoe - "Istoria guvernelor României de la începuturi - 1859 până în zilele noastre - 1995" (Ed. Machiavelli, Bucharest, 1995)
Preceded by
Second Averescu cabinet
Cabinet of Romania
17 December 1921 - 19 January 1922
Succeeded by
Sixth Ion I. C. Brătianu cabinet