Ionikos Nea Filadelfeia

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Ionikos Nea Filadelfeia
Founded 1930
Based in Nea Filadelfeia
Colours blue and white
Titles 10 Men's Handball Championships,
5 Men's Handball Cups,
2 Women's Volleyball Championships,
Branches Basketball,

Ionikos Nea Filadelfeia (also Ionikos Nea Philadelphia) is a sport club that is based in Nea Filadelfeia, an Athenian suburb. The full name of club is A.S. Ionikos Nea Filadelfeia (Greek: Α. Σ. Ιωνικός Νέας Φιλαδέλφειας). It was founded in 1930. The club has teams in many sports. The more successful teams are the handball and basketball teams. The colours of Ionikos are blue and white.

Basketball team[edit]

Ionikos N.F. played in the Greek Basket League from 2001 to 2005. In 2004, Ionikos moved to Amaliada, Greece and was named Iionikos N.F. Amaliada, but the team returned to Nea Filadelfeia at the end of the season. In the 2003–04 season, Ionikos played in the Eurocup,[1] and in the 2004–05 season, Ionikos played in the EuroChallenge.[2] Today, the team competes in the Greek B League.

Notable players[edit]

Handball team[edit]

The handball department of Ionikos is the most successful team of the club. Ionikos has got fifteen domestic titles (ten championships and five cups). In season 2010-11 Ionikos relegated in A2 Category.[3] In recent season (2014–15), it finished in 1st place in A2 Ethniki and promoted to A1. However, it was withdrawn from the championship due to financial problems and was replaced by Archelaos Katerinis.[4]


Recent seasons[edit]

Season Division Place Notes
2001-02 A1 Ethniki 5th Finalist Greek Cup
2002-03 A1 Ethniki 4th Finalist Greek Cup
2003-04 A1 Ethniki 3rd
2004-05 A1 Ethniki 7th
2005-06 A1 Ethniki 10th
2006-07 A1 Ethniki 11th
2007-08 A1 Ethniki 9th
2008-09 A1 Ethniki 11th Relegated to A2
2009-10 A2 Ethniki 1st Promoted to A1
2010-11 A1 Ethniki 11th Relegated to A2
2011-12 A2 Ethniki 5th
2012-13 A2 Ethniki 5th
2013-14 A2 Ethniki 3rd
2014-15 A2 Ethniki 1st Promoted to A1 but after
it was withdrawn from the championship

Volleyball team[edit]

The volleyball department had also donated successes, mainly the women’s team. The women’s team has conquered two Greek championships. During last season (2012–13) the team played in A2 category, in 2nd group.

The men’s team of Ionikos plays in A2 Ethniki in 2nd group. It has played 22 times in A1 Ethniki. The better period of team was the decade of seventies when Ionikos took the three place of championship twice.