Iorwerth Beli

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Iorwerth Beli (fl. second half of the 14th century) was a Welsh language poet. Very little is known of his life.

Iorwerth's only surviving poem expresses his disdain of the Bishop of Bangor (possibly Anian Sais, died 1327), who showed a preference for itinerant musicians over professional poets, and for English-speaking poets over Welsh.


The edited Welsh text of Iorwerth's surviving poem, with notes, can be found in:

  • N.G. Costigan (Bosco) et al., Gwaith Gruffudd ap Dafydd ap Tudur, Gwilym Ddu o Arfon, Trahaearn Brydydd Mawr ac Iorwerth Beli (Aberystwyth, 1995). ISBN 0-947531-24-6