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Ioseb Bardanashvili[1] (Georgian: იოსებ (სოსო) ბარდანაშვილი; Hebrew: יוסף ברדנשווילי‬; born 23 November 1948 in Batumi, Georgia) is an Israeli and Georgian composer. His works span classical to contemporary composition for film.

Biographical information[edit]

A graduate [1975] with a DMus in composition. from the Music Academy of Tbilisi having studied from the tutelage of Alexander Shaverzashvili[2] he continued at some time afterward to composer in residency at the Rustavili theatre.[3] and Head of the Musical Academy at Batovei.[4][5] Bardanashvili held office as Deputy Culture Minister of the autonomous region Adjaria in Georgia in 1993-94[6] Since 1995 he has lived in Israel and there became also active as a painter of art having exhibited in his country of birth and also Israel.[7]

Additional information[edit]

Bardanashvili is a composer in residence at Raanana Simfonette orchestra from 1996-1999.[8] Taught at Camera Obscura college between 1998 and 1999[9] and Bar Ilan University,[10] and the Rubin Academy of music[11] at Tel-Aviv University from 1998 to 2000, having there by taught Avner Dorman.[12] Co-directed the 6th bienalle of Contemporary music at Tel Aviv.[13] Musical Director of the International Biennial for Contemporary Music "Tempus Fugit" in Israel(2002, 2004,2006).[14] Spoke at the Tbilisi State Conservatoire, on the theme of Thematic festivals and tourism as a best way for evincing the country traditions and cultural background.[15] Some pieces produced by Bardanashvili were created from commissions,[16][17] (new work for the 2004-2005 season, were performed on (Saturday) January the 15th [2005] at the Whitaker Center (Harrisburg, PA).[18] During 2009 was composer in residence at the Jerusalem Camerata.[19]

LIST OF WORKS (Courtesy of The Living Composers Project and referenced sources)[edit]

Josef Bardanashvili has composed more than 100 works.[20]

STAGE A Woman’s Ballad (1972). Chamber ballet in one act. Scenario by the composer. Exists in piano reduction. 48 ́ Alternative (1976). Rock opera in two acts. Ensemble VIA 75’, Georgian libretto by Robert Sturua, Ruben Bardanashvili and Nugzar Ergemlidze. 120 ́ Wandering Stars (1982). Opera in two acts. Libretto by the composer and Djemal Adjiashvili (Georgian). Soloists, mixed choir, symphony orchestra. 160 ́ Tutor (1982). Rock ballet in one act. Commissioned by Georgian Symphonic Jazz orchestra “Rero”. Scenario based on the eponymous poem by Akaki Tsereteli “Tutor”. Choreography by Boris Eifman. 18 ́ Wandering Soul (1991). Ballet in two acts. Commissioned by Zakaria Paliashvili Tbilisi State Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet. Scenario by the composer and Gogi Aleksidze. Symphony orchestra. 80 ́ Eva (1998). Mono-opera. Commissioned by the festival Sacro-Art (Germany). Libretto by Alexander Parin (Russian). Mezzo-soprano, piano. 28 ́ Journey to the End of the Millennium (2005). Opera in 10 scenes. Commissioned by The Israeli Opera in commemoration of its 20th anniversary. Libretto by A. B. Yehoshua (Hebrew). 140 ́ Eve – working title. Drama per musica (2012). Commissioned by Israel Chamber Opera Project. Libretto by Djemal Adjiashvili, Alexander Parin and Josef Bardanashvili. Soprano solo, 2 actresses with low voices, 2 violins, guitar, percussions, piano and cembalo. 55 ́ Gurgji khatun (Georgian Queen, 2014). Ballet in one act. Commissioned by the Foundation for the Development of Contemporary Choreography. Scenario by Dato Turiashvili, choreography by Miriam Aleksidze. 70 ́

For Symphony Orchestra Symphony No. 1 (“Exodus”, 1980) with participation of contratenor and tenor (vocalise). 35 ́ Adagio (1997). Commissioned by festival Red Sea Classic (Eilat). 6 ́ Elegia (Psalm 22) for string orchestra (1996). Commissioned by The Israel Sinfonietta Beer Sheva. 5 ́07 ́ ́ The Way for full symphony band (1999). Commissioned by The Israel Youth Wind Orchestra. 12 ́ Metamorphoses (1999). Commissioned by Israel Chamber Orchestra. 16 ́ Symphony No. 2 (“The Way To…”, 2001). Commissioned by the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra. 20 ́ Journey to the End of the Millennium (symphonic poem, 2005).23 ́ Symphony No. 3 (“BaMeh Madlikin”, 2006). Commissioned by the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. 25 ́ Birds of Passage for string orchestra (2010). Commissioned by the Ingolstadt Georgian Chamber Orchestra (Germany). 13 ́

Solo Instrument/s and Orchestra Concerto for guitar, fluteandstrings(1978).12 ́30 ́ ́ Double Concerto for cello, piano and brass orchestra (1981). 34 ́ Serenade-Concerto for violin and string orchestra (1983). Commissioned by Liana Isakadze. 22 ́ Quasi una fantasia, Concerto for piano, cembalo/celesta and string orchestra (1996). Commissioned by Alexander Korsantia. 24 ́ Children of God for contratenor and symphony orchestra (1997). Texts from the Talmud, Quran, New Testament, Book of Psalms (Hebrew, Latin, Arabic). Commissioned by Simfonet Raanana Orchestra. 19 ́ Symphonic Poem for klezmer clarinet and symphony orchestra (1998). Commissioned by Giora Feidman. 19 ́15 ́ ́ Yearning for mezzo-soprano and symphony orchestra (1999). Texts from the Pure Prayer, Blessings, Ecclesiastes (Hebrew). Commissioned by Simfonet Raanana Orchestra. 17 ́ Ode for Sarah for female voice and symphony orchestra (1999). Commissioned by Simfonet Raanana Orchestra. 13 ́52 ́ ́ Concerto for flute and symphonyorchestraNo1(2000).Commissioned by the Young Israel Philharmonic Orchestra and Yossi Arnheim. 20 ́ Dialogue for violoncello and symphony orchestra (2002). Commissioned by the Symphony Orchestra of Rishon LeZion. 21 ́ Postludium, Concerto for viola and chamber orchestra (2002). Commissioned by the Israel Chamber Orchestra. 22 ́41 ́ ́ Couple for clarinet, violoncello and strings (2008). Commissioned by the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. 17 ́ Grimaces of Life" for two flutesandstrings(2009).Commissioned by The Israel Camerata Jerusalem. 17 ́ Concerto for mandolin, saxophone, two percussions, piano and strings (2009). Commissioned by The Israel Sinfonietta Beer Sheva. 16 ́ The Passed Train for mandolin, clarinet and strings (2012). Com-missioned by the Adele and John Gray Endowment Fund. 19 ́38 ́ ́ Gilgulim, Concerto No. 2 for fluteandstrings(2012).Commissioned by the Ingolstadt Georgian Chamber Orchestra (Ger- many). 16 ́ Songs of Wine and Love for soprano, contratenor and orchestra (2013). Commissioned by The Israel Camerata Jerusalem. 27 ́

Solo Instrument/s and Ensemble Farewell Song for solo violin and 12 violins (2000). Com-missioned by the International Master Classes Keshet Ayalon.12 ́37 ́ ́ Concertino for flute,bassoon and chamber ensemble(2003).Commissioned by the Musica Nova Ensemble. 11 ́19 ́ ́ Art’iton, Concerto for bassoon and chamber ensemble (2010). Commissioned by the Israel Contemporary Players. 17 ́ The Way to Zion… for violin solo, string quartet and male choir (2013). Commissioned by the Sion Festival, Switzerland. 16 ́

Chamber music Piano Quintet (1973). 22 ́ Poem-Dialogue for 4 horns, guitar, violoncello and 2 pianos (1975). 28 ́ Piano Trio No. 1 (In memory of Bizet, 1976). 20 ́ String Quartet No. 1 (1985) Commissioned by the Georgian String Quartet. 24 ́ Piano Trio No. 2 (Romantic, 1988). 22 ́ String Quartet No. 2 (1992). 23 ́ Postlude for fluteandclarinet(1995).9 ́ Evening Prayers for chamber ensemble (1995). Commissioned by Israel Kibbutz Orchestra. 15 ́ Scene for flute(+ piccolo, alto flute),oud/harpsichordandpercussion (1996). 6 ́ Farewell Song for alto flute,harp,stringquartet,doublebassand drumkit (1997). Commissioned by festival Kfar Blum. 16 ́ Steps for chamber ensemble (1998). Commissioned by the Israel Contemporary Players. 11 ́54 ́ ́ Metamorphoses for viola and piano (1998). 11 ́13 ́ ́ Metamorphoses No. 2 for violin and harp (1998). 8 ́ Musical Moment for percussion/doli and string quartet (1999). 4 ́05 ́ ́ Musical Moment (version for doli, string quartet and 2 marimbas, 2001). 4 ́05 ́ ́ Perpetuum mobile for 4 pianos (16 hands, 2000). Commissioned by the Tel Chai International Piano Master Classes. 6 ́55 ́ ́ Images for flute,and2percussions(2001).CommissionedbyYossi Arnheim. 9 ́09 ́ ́ The Yellow Blues for chamber ensemble (2001). Commissioned by the Israel Contemporary Players. 6 ́54 ́ ́ Walking on a Rope for 4 violoncellos (2001). Commissioned by festival Tzlilim Be-Midbar. 15 ́ Just Come and Go! for soprano (vocalise), flute,3electricguitars, 2 violins, electric harmonium and percussion (2001). Com-missioned by Keren Sharett. 9 ́05 ́ ́ Metamorphoses (version for cello and piano, 2003). 11 ́13 ́ ́ Nekudot for string sextet (2004). Commissioned by The Concer- tante (USA). 18 ́ Hymn, Duo for violin and cello (2004). 8 ́24 ́ ́ Five Novelettes for flute,clarinet,harpandstringquartet(2006).Commissioned by Yossi Arnheim. 14 ́ The Shadows for soprano (vocalise) and chamber ensemble (2008). Commissioned by the Adele and John Gray Endowment Fund. 19 ́ Moonlight Illusions for chamber ensemble (2008). Commissioned by the Israel Contemporary Players 14 ́ Kidush (Benedictus) for viola d’amore, clarinet and cello (2011). Commissioned by Daniel Fradkin. 8 ́ Verdiba for flute,clarinet,violin,celloandpercussion(2013).Commissioned by Israel Contemporary Players. 17 ́48 ́ ́ Five Short Letters for guitar classic, flute,clarinetandstringquartet (2013). Commissioned by the KlangZeit Festival Münster (Germany). 21 ́44 ́ ́ Tempera-me for trumpet, sax, percussion, piano and strings (2015). Commissioned by the Tempera Ensemble. 14 ́ Tempera-me 2 (version for trumpet, sax, percussion and piano, 2015). Commissioned by the Tempera Ensemble. 14 ́20 ́ ́

for Piano solo Sonata No. 1 (1974). 18 ́ Four Pieces (1977). 13 ́ Sonata No. 2 (1984). 16 ́ Postlude (1993). 9 ́ Fantasia (2004). Commissioned by the Arthur Rubinstein Inter- national Music Society as a set piece for the 11th Arthur Rubinstein International Piano Master Competition (2004). 7 ́

Solo Guitara Sola for guitar classic (2006). Commissioned by Liat Cohen. 8 ́ In the Mirror for guitar classic (2015). Commissioned by Reinbert Evers (Germany). 8 ́

Music for Choir and Orchestra Evening Prayers for mixed choir and symphony orchestra (1986). Texts from the Pure Prayer and Laozi (in Georgian). 18 ́ Haleluyah-Magnificat for soprano, countertenor, tenor, baritone, mixed choir and chamber orchestra (2014). Texts from The New Testament, Book of Psalms and Yiddish songs (Hebrew, Latin, Yiddish). Commissioned by the Israel Camerata Jerusalem. 27 ́ Ashkava, Jewish funeral music for cantor, children choir and strings (2015). 15 ́

Music for Choir and Ensemble Sha’alu Shalom for mixed choir and chamber ensemble (1996). Texts from Psalms 32, 122, the Sabbath Prayer (Hebrew). Com-missioned by the ensemble Musica Nova. 17 ́ Time for Love for male choir, 3 horns (ad libitum) and strings (1999). Texts from Nahapet Kuchag, Samuel HaNagid, Song of Songs, Psalms 128, 148 (Armenian, Georgian, Hebrew). Commissioned by Simfonet Raanana Orchestra. 15 ́ Torna Dolce, Cantata for soprano, contratenor, baritone, female choir, saxophone and two pianos (2009). Commissioned by Petah-Tikva Municipality. 19 ́ Mi Katze le katze( from end to end) for 3 soloist 'saxophone,percussion and piano Commissioned by the Moran choir 2015 40'

Music for Choir a cappella Four Miniatures for mixed choir (1977). Texts by Ibn Gvirol, Ibn Ezra, Samuel HaNagid (transl. into Georgian by Djemal Adjia-shvili). Commissioned by Georgian State Cappella. 11 ́39 ́ ́ Three Pieces for mixed choir (1986). Texts by Nikita Zabolotsky and Laozi. 9 ́30 ́ ́ Two Musical Moments for female choir, vocalise (1987). 9 ́ Psalm 121 for male choir (1996). Commissioned by Sacro-Art music festival (Loccum, Hannover, Germany). 5 ́ Psalm 123 for mixed choir (2004). 7 ́ Chorale for vocal sextet (2007). 4 ́24 ́ ́ Prayers for female choir (2010). 9 ́

for Voice and Piano A Doll’s Ballade, vocal cycle for voice and piano (1971-1972). Texts by Vincas Mykolaitis-Putinas and Michelangelo Buonarroti. 8 ́. Psalm 22 for voice and piano (1996). 4 ́

for Voice and chamber ensemble Triptych (Three Scenes) for soprano and ensemble: Scene No. 1 for voice and 2 violins (1976, text by Yehuda Alharizi); Scene No. 2 for voice and harp (1976, text from The New Testament); Scene No. 3 for voice, guitar and percussion (1986, text by Immanuel the Roman). 12 ́ Boat of Love for soprano and strings (2003). Text by Jacob Bar-zilai. 16 ́48 ́ ́ Swinging in a hammock for female voice and strings (2009). Text by Jacob Barzilai. Commissioned by Ashdod Symphony Orchestra. 12 ́34 ́ ́


Piano Trio No. 1, ‘In memory of Bizet’. Georgian Piano Trio (Melodiya: S 1012262) (LP, c. 1979)

Four Miniatures. Givi Mundjishvili/Georgian Cappella (Melodiya: S 1019853004) (LP, 1983)

String Quartet No. 1. Georgian String Quartet. (Melodiya: S 1028441000) (LP, 1989)

Poem-Dialogue. Soloists Oleg Malov (piano), Oleg Stolpner (cello) (Melodiya: S 1028441000) (LP)

Sonata No. 2. Raimonda Shenfeld, piano (New Stream, 1997)

Psalm 121. Rybin Male Chamber Choir (Sacro-Art, 1997)

Symphonic Poem. Giora Feidman, klezmer clarinet; Lior Shambadal/Berliner Symphoniker (Koch International Classics, 1999)

String Quartet No. 1; String Quartet No.2; Poem-Dialogue. Georgian String Quartet, The New Music Studio Quartet (Moscow), Oleg Malov (piano), Oleg Stolpner (cello) (Gertler Foundation, 1999)

String Quartet No. 1. ‘’Planned moves to silence’’ (Anat Daniel Dance company 2005.

Children of God. David D’Or, countertenor; Yuval Zaliouk/, monks’ choir from the Church of Armenia, Raanana Sinfonietta (New Stream, 2001)

Quasi una fantasia. Victor Derevianko, piano; Benjamin Yusupov/Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra (New Stream, 2001) 268 269

Piano Trio No. 1, (In memory of Bizet). Trio Ir Shalem. Skyton. CDS 134 (c. 2004)

Boat of Love for soprano and strings. On Earth Peace Good Will Towards Men ... Uribe/Hungaroton Classic. HCD 32272 (2005)

Fantasia for piano solo. Igor Levit. Arthur Rubinstein 11th International Piano Master Competition. DALIA Classic DCD004. 7293372091995 (2005)

Sola for guitar. Variations Ladino. Liat Cohen Fondation du ju-daïsme français BUDA MUSIQUE 860156 SC870. 3341348601557 (с. 2008)

Yarning. Etty Ben-Zaken, voice; Vakhtang Kakhidze/Tbilisi Symphony Orchestra (2010)

Quasi una fantasia. Alexsander Korsantia, piano; A. Zucker-mann /Ingolstadt Georgian Chamber Orchestra. Oehms Classic No: OC784/ 4260034867840/ (2011)

Fantasia for piano solo. Aneta Majerova. Lullaby. Music of 20th century Jewish Composer. ARTA OSABIEM LC04789 F 10199 (2011)

Five Short Letters (movements 1 and 2) Klangzelt-Muenster 2014. LC 05245 BERLSTON 115 03 09 GEMA (2015)

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