Iosif Hodoșiu

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Iosif Hodoş
Iosif Hodos (cropped).jpg
Iosif Hodoş
Born Iosif Hodoş
October 20, 1829
Bandu de Câmpie, Mureș
Died December 9, 1880
Occupation Historian, lawyer, publicist, and politician
Nationality Romanian

Iosif Hodoș, (alternatively spelled Hodoșiu; 20 October 1829 – 28 November/9 December, 1880) was a Romanian historian, politician, lawyer, and publisher. He was a founding member of the Romanian Academy.

He married Ana Balint, the daughter of Simion Balint (1810 – 1880), a descendant of one of the noble priest families of Vima Mică, prefect of the Arieș Legion and Romanian revolutionary alongside Avram Iancu. He had three children: Enea, Alexandru and Nerva.