Iosif Pogrebyssky

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Iosif Benediktovich Pogrebyssky (Pogrebysski, Pogrebissky) (February 23, 1906, Uman - May 20, 1971, Leningrad) was a Ukrainian chess master.[1]

He played several times in Ukrainian Chess Championship, and took 3rd at Poltava 1927 (Alexey Selezniev won), took 5th at Odessa 1928 (Yakov Vilner won), shared 1st at Kiev 1936, took 2nd, behind Fedor Bogatyrchuk, at Kiev 1937, and tied for 2nd-3rd at Kiev 1949 (Isaac Lipnitsky won).[2] He won a match against Mikhail Yudovich (9 : 7) in 1937.[3]

He earned a Ph.D. in mathematics at Kiev State University in 1940.[4]