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The Iowa Court of Appeals is the intermediate-level appellate court of the state of Iowa. Its purpose is to review appeals from trial court decisions which are referred to the court by the Iowa Supreme Court. The court decides the vast majority of appeals filed from trial courts in the state of Iowa, and its decisions are final unless further review is granted by the Iowa Supreme Court.

Judges of the court[edit]

The court is composed of nine judges. Each judge is appointed for one year by the governor, from a list of nominees composed by the State Judicial Nominating Commission. The judge will then serve a one-year term before facing a retention election. If the judge is reelected, his/her term will normally be six years. Retirement age is 72, after which some judges go on senior status.

The judges elect the Chief Judge from amongst themselves every two years. The chief judge functions as the administrative head of the court.

As of 2016, the nine judges are:

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