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The Iowa Department of Corrections is a state agency operating prisons in Iowa. It has its headquarters in Des Moines.[1]


The Iowa Department of Corrections operates nine adult facilities through the state. Iowa does not contract with private prisons.[2]

Fallen officers[edit]

Since the establishment of the Iowa Department of Corrections, 7 officers have died in the line of duty.[3]

Iowa Statewide Recidivism Reduction Strategy[edit]

Iowa is the recipient of a three-year grant from the U. S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, Bureau of Justice Assistance, to support implementation planning that will result in the reduction of recidivism rates for adult offenders. The implementation grant proposal that was submitted by Iowa was vetted through the Offender Reentry Task Force that will serve as the Steering Committee for the system-wide risk reduction work that will take place over the grant period. The award will provide three million dollars over the next three years 2015-2017 to support these implementation efforts.

The five main internal changes include:

  • Planning and implementation strategies to address a comprehensive system-wide Quality Assurance Plan that will ensure fidelity in programming and casework.
  • Statewide Training Plan that will entail various levels of staff training designed to incorporate evidence based practices related to communication with offenders, motivation of offenders, and other requirements of best practice in the areas of offender behavior change.
  • Enhancement of policies and practices to improve pre-release planning and connection to those government and private services that will support an offender’s success when transitioning back to the community. The Iowa Departments of Human Services, Public Health and Corrections will work together on the formation of stronger partnerships with health and behavioral health agencies in the community. NAMI Iowa will help to bolster efforts with those offenders who are mentally ill, especially focusing on peer-to-peer mentors and teachers for all nine correctional institutions and specialized training for staff.
  • Review of job expectations and hiring/promotion criteria related to research findings on effective offender supervision and treatment.
  • Measurement of needed resource allocations for staff deployment in an evidence based working environment.

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