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Iowa Green Party
IdeologyGreen politics
National affiliationGreen Party of the United States
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The Iowa Green Party is the Iowa-affiliate of the Green Party of the United States (GPUS). The 2013 Annual Meeting of the GPUS was held at the Iowa Memorial Union in Iowa City, Iowa.[1][2]


The 2016 likely nominee for President of the United States is Jill Stein. In 2000, Ralph Nader was on the presidential ballot of the Iowa Green Party and received over 2% of the vote, qualifying the party for ballot access. Two years later, Jay Robinson ran as the Green Party nominee for Governor and received 1.43% and the party lost ballot access. In 2004, neither statewide candidate (David Cobb for President nor Daryl A. Northrop for U.S. Senate) received the minimum 2% of the vote.[3] In 2006, Wendy Barth, a software developer and peace activist, ran for Governor as the Iowa Green Party nominee. She finished in third place of five ballot qualified candidates[4][5] with .75% of the vote. Barth ran two years later for Iowa's second congressional district, again finishing third. She gained 2.18% of the vote.

National Green Party nominees for President Ralph Nader (2000), David Cobb (2004), Cynthia McKinney (2008) and Jill Stein (2012) have all appeared on the ballot.



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