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Iowa Highway 141 marker

Iowa Highway 141
Iowa 141 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by Iowa DOT
Length155.362 mi[2] (250.031 km)
ExistedOctober 16, 1926 [1]–present
Major junctions
West end I-29 / CR K42 at Sloan
East end I-35 / I-80 at Urbandale
Highway system
Iowa 140Iowa 143

Iowa Highway 141 is a major east–west highway in the western and central portions of the state. It is the most direct link between Sioux City and Des Moines. It also serves as a freeway link between Des Moines and the outlying communities of Perry, Granger, and Grimes. Iowa 141's western terminus is near Sloan at its junction with Interstate 29. Its eastern terminus is via an interchange with Interstates 35 and 80 on the of the Des Moines suburbs of Urbandale and Grimes.

Route description[edit]

Iowa Highway 141 begins at Interstate 29 just west of Sloan. It goes east through Sloan and Hornick before meeting Iowa Highway 31 in Smithland. It then turns southeast and at Mapleton meets Iowa Highway 175, with which it forms a wrong-way concurrency, as eastbound Iowa 141 goes the same direction as westbound Iowa 175. They separate and Iowa 141 continues southeast before going south into Ute, where it meets Iowa Highway 183. At Ute, it turns east and passes through Charter Oak before meeting U.S. 59 northwest of Denison. While in Denison, it meets Iowa Highway 39 and has another wrong-way concurrency with westbound U.S. 30. South of Denison, U.S. 59 and Iowa 141 separate.

Iowa 4/Iowa 141 overlap ends near Jamaica

Iowa 141 turns east and passes through Aspinwall and Manning before meeting U.S. 71 south of Templeton. Iowa 141 and U.S. 71 run concurrent for 3 miles (4.8 km) before separating west of Dedham. It continues east, bypasses Dedham and turns southeast briefly before going east to go through Coon Rapids After another brief southeasterly turn, it goes east and passes through Bayard, where it meets Iowa Highway 25. They run together for 3 miles (4.8 km), then separate. After passing through Bagley, Iowa 141 meets Iowa Highway 4, with which it briefly runs concurrent. After passing south of Jamaica and Dawson, it meets Iowa Highway 144 in Perry and the highway turns into an expressway, which it will be for the rest of its length.

Looking south at Iowa 141 from the Iowa 415 exit

After passing through Perry, Iowa 141 continues east and meets U.S. 169 near Bouton. Near Woodward, it meets Iowa Highway 210 and turns southeast to go towards the Des Moines area. At Granger, it meets Iowa Highway 17 and shortly thereafter meets Iowa Highway 415, where it then turns south. It then passes through Grimes and meets Iowa Highway 44. It then enters Urbandale and quickly ends at an interchange with Interstate 35 and Interstate 80.


Iowa Highway 141 originally ran from Sioux City to Denison but was extended to the Des Moines area in 1941. In 1961, the highway was realigned so that it no longer entered Sioux City. The new segment went west from Smithland to Sloan, while the original segment from Smithland to Sioux City was designated (though not signed) as Iowa Highway 982. At least the portion West of Perry was still gravel surface on a 1966 state map. Between 1975 and 1977, Iowa Highway 141 was upgraded to a freeway between Perry and Interstates 35 and 80.[1]

Major intersections[edit]

WoodburySloan Township0.0000.000 I-29 / CR K42 west – Council Bluffs, Sioux CityExit 127 on I-29; road continues as CR K42
Smithland16.27626.194 Iowa 31 north / CR L12 south (Hickory Street) – Anthon, Rodney
MononaMapleton24.50339.434 Iowa 175 east – DanburyWestern end of Iowa 175 overlap
25.10440.401 Iowa 175 west (Front Street) – CastanaEastern end of Iowa 175 overlap
Ute35.97557.896 Iowa 183 south (Monona Avenue) – Soldier
township line
52.75584.901 US 59 north – Schleswig, Ida GroveWestern end of US 59 overlap
Denison54.70188.033 Iowa 39 north – Odebolt
55.35889.090 US 30 east (4th Street) – CarrollWestern end of US 30 overlap
55.89089.946 US 30 west – DunlapEastern end of US 30 overlap
Washington Township62.983101.361 US 59 south – HarlanEastern end of US 59 overlap
CarrollEden Township83.947135.100 US 71 south / CR N18 north – Templeton, AudubonWestern end of US 71 overlap
86.939139.915 US 71 north – CarrollEastern end of US 71 overlap
GuthrieBayard105.213169.324 Iowa 25 north – ScrantonWestern end of Iowa 25 overlap
Dodge Township108.225174.171 Iowa 25 south – Guthrie CenterEastern end of Iowa 25 overlap
Richland Township114.728184.637 Iowa 4 north – JeffersonWestern end of Iowa 4 overlap
115.174185.355 Iowa 4 south – PanoraEastern end of Iowa 4 overlap
DallasPerry128.864207.387 Iowa 144 north / CR P58 south – Rippey
Beaver Township132.947213.957132 US 169 – Ogden, Adel
Woodward138.947223.614138 Iowa 210 east – Woodward, Woodward Resource Center
Des Moines Township140.174225.588 CR R22 south (T Avenue) to Iowa 44
county line
Granger146.815236.276146 Iowa 17 north – Madrid, Boone
PolkJefferson Township148.977239.755148 Iowa 415 south (NW Saylorville Drive) – Polk City
Grimes152.500245.425152 Iowa 44 west – Grimes, Saylorville Lake
Urbandale155.362250.031 I-35 / I-80 – Council Bluffs, Davenport, Kansas City, MinneapolisExit 127 on I-35 / I-80; road continues southeast as Urbandale Drive
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


  • While Highway 141 is the shortest and most direct route between Sioux City and Des Moines, it is not necessarily the fastest. Traveling via Interstates 29, 680, and 80 is approximately nine miles further, but it is possible to travel at higher speeds on the Interstates.

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