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"Atomic Garden/Ipanema split single"
Single by Ipanema, Atomic Garden
from the album Atomic Garden/Ipanema split single
Released 2007
Format CD single
Recorded 2003 & 2007 at Studio Grand Pied & Stakeout Studios
Genre Alternative rock
Songwriter(s) Wiz, Atomic Garden

"Atomic Garden/Ipanema split single" is an untitled compilation of songs written by Atomic Garden and Ipanema. Ipanema had talked about a split single with French band Atomic Garden for which each band would record one new song and one cover of the other band's music. They decided to go ahead with this and the single was released on 7 July 2007

Track listing[edit]

1. Fourth Division - Atomic Garden (2:41)
2. Negative Part - Ipanema (Written by Atomic Garden)(2:50)
3. Skull - Atomic Garden (Written by Ipanema)(2:54)
4. Vote for Pedro - Ipanema (4:06)


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