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TypeSingle-serve capsule system for preparing espresso drinks
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IperEspresso is a single-serve capsule system for preparing espresso coffee and espresso-based drinks. It is developed and patented[1] by Illy.

IperEspresso capsule encloses a complete extraction group that replaces the traditional process of percolation with a two-stage extraction. In the first stage, iper-infusion, hot water under extremely high pressure creates optimal uniform conditions that enhance the extraction of coffee flavor and aroma and increase its richness and complexity. In the second stage, emulsification, coffee is forced through the patented e-valve at the bottom of the capsule, mixing the aromatic oils with air to produce a round, velvety, long-lasting cream.


IperEspresso capsules require special espresso machines. They are manufactured by FrancisFrancis! (a subsidiary of Illy), Gaggia (Saeco), and Cuisinart (Conair). Some of FrancisFrancis! machines are designed by award-designed authors and considered a piece of industrial art on their own. The most famous is X1 designed by Luca Trazzi and included in the Forbes Magazine’s list of the best luxury espresso machines in the world.[2]

In addition to the home espresso machines, Illy offers professional FrancisFrancis! x2.1 IperEspresso machines for hotels and restaurants.


IperEspresso capsules are manufactured exclusively by Illy. The cost per serving is 10% higher than illy E.S.E pods, and twice higher than Illy ground or whole bean coffee. Illy use 100% Arabica beans, purchased directly from company-trained farmers.[3][4] Illy became the world’s first company to earn the Responsible Supply Chain Process certification from Det Norske Veritas (DNV).[5] Each capsule contains approximately 7 grams of coffee.

Illy offers its traditional blend in three roast variations: normal, dark roast, and decaffeinated. In addition, it also offers Lungo, medium roast capsules that have been specially designed to produce a longer espresso.

In addition, Illy offers Monoarabica, single-origin Arabica beans from six countries: Brazil, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Colombia, Costa Rica, and India. Seasonally, the company offers Idillyum, a low-caffeine Arabica that is grown in the rich, volcanic soils of El Salvador.


IperEspresso capsules are made from recyclable plastic but they cannot be disassembled and cleaned by consumers. The only way to recycle IperEspresso capsules is to mail them to the recycling facility. In USA, Illy sells[6] prepaid capsule bags that can be used for shipping capsules to the recycling facility. The subscribers of Illy’s home or office delivery program receive those prepaid bags for free.[7] In the USA, the consumers can also drop off their used capsules at all Sur La Table stores.


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