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Type of site
Sharing, Social networking
Available in Catalan, Czech, Chinese, Dutch, English, Esperanto, French, Galician, German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish
Owner ipernity
Created by Christophe Ruelle
Website www.ipernity.com
Commercial yes
Launched April 2007
Current status Active

ipernity is an independent, uncommercial website offering free and paid multimedia sharing and social networking services. The site is designed for authors, artists and casual users, and allows publishing and sharing of photos, blog entries, videos and audio files.

ipernity is often compared to Flickr, another photo sharing website.[1][2][3] It won the second Open Web Awards in the Photo Sharing category in December 2008.


ipernity is a project established in 2005 by French programmers Christophe Ruelle, co-founder of Voila (a search engine bought by France Telecom in 1998) and eStat (a site-centric traffic measurement system), and Christian Conti, co-founder of Respublica (a French-speaking online community, bought by Libertysurf/Tiscali in 2000). The project was created to allow anyone to maintain their digital life permanently in one place. ipernity was developed in Sophia Antipolis and required two years of programming and testing, and was built chiefly with free and open source software technology. On May 2006, an alpha version of the site went online. ipernity was updated to a beta release in April 2007.

In 2013, many Flickr users unhappy with the site's redesign switched to ipernity.[4] ipernity developed a script to import photos from Flickr.[5]

Planned shutdown of the site end of January 2017[edit]

After the site reported financial problems early in 2016, the users were informed on December 1st, 2016 that ipernity S.A. intended to discontinue the service on January 31st, 2017.[6] As a consequence the users discussed possible solutions to save the site. Because of the extreme user dedication to the site, the owner agreed to extend the operation to review the options for the survival of the site.

User initiative to operate the website[edit]

On January 10th, 2017 the idea was born to run the platform by a non-profit organization, the “Ipernity Member’s Association” (IMA).[7] This was communicated to the user base on January 26th. At the same time a survey was started asking the user base if such a model could be financially sound and if they would stay under the changed conditions.[8] The response was overwhelmingly positive and a crowdfunding campaign was started to collect the operating cost for the first year.[9] Within only 8 days 117 % of the projected funds (25,000 $) necessary to save the site were collected.[10]

Operation by the users[edit]

Based on the survey and the crowdfunding campaign IMA and the owner of the site entered into contract negotiations about the transfer of the site to IMA. These were concluded in August and since Sept. 1st, 2017 the site is operated by the Ipernity Member’s Associsation (IMA).[11]


As a high performance photo-sharing site ipernity is focused on photo amateurs, enthusiasts, and semi-professionals. ipernity allows the sharing of photos, videos, documents and comes with an integrated mail and blog function. Registered members from all over the world exchange comments, knowledge and inspiration.

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