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FreeBSD "/etc/rc.firewall" shell script for configuring ipfw
Mac OS X's ipfirewall tab in the Sharing Preferences Pane

ipfirewall or ipfw is a FreeBSD IP, stateful firewall,[1] packet filter and traffic accounting facility. Its ruleset logic is similar to many other packet filters except IPFilter. ipfw is authored and maintained by FreeBSD volunteer staff members. Its syntax enables use of sophisticated filtering capabilities and thus enables users to satisfy advanced requirements. It can either be used as a loadable kernel module or incorporated into the kernel; use as a loadable kernel module where possible is highly recommended[citation needed]. ipfw was the built-in firewall of Mac OS X[2][3] until Mac OS X 10.7 Lion in 2011 when it was replaced with the OpenBSD project's PF. Like FreeBSD, ipfw is open source. It is used in many FreeBSD-based firewall products, including m0n0wall and FreeNAS. A port of an early version of ipfw was used since Linux 1.1 as the first implementation of firewall available for Linux, until it was replaced by ipchains.[4] A modern port of ipfw and the dummynet traffic shaper is available for Linux (including a prebuilt package for OpenWrt) and Microsoft Windows.[5] wipfw is a Windows port of an old (2001) version of ipfw.[6]

Alternative user interfaces for ipfw[edit]

Software Developer First public release Latest stable version Cost (USD) Open source License User interface Platform(s)
Firewalk X Pliris ? 2.3.7 Non-free (US$ 34.99) No Proprietary / Shareware GUI Mac OS X v10.2, Mac OS X v10.3 (PowerPC)
Flying Buttress (known as BrickHouse prior to v1.4) Brian Hill March 23, 2001 1.4 (2005-12-31) Non-free (US$ 25.00) No Proprietary / Shareware GUI Mac OS X v10.0, Mac OS X v10.1, Mac OS X v10.2, Mac OS X v10.3, Mac OS X v10.4 (PowerPC)
Impasse Glucose Development Corporation Q2 2002 1.3 Non-free (US$ 10.00) No Proprietary / Shareware GUI Mac OS X v10.1, Mac OS X v10.2 (PowerPC)
Norton Personal Firewall for Macintosh Symantec 2005 3.0.3 Non-free (US$ 49.95) No Proprietary
(Symantec Software License Agreement)[7][8]
GUI Mac OS X v10.1.5, Mac OS X v10.2, Mac OS X v10.3, Mac OS X v10.4.11 (PowerPC)[9]
Qtfw Ryzhyk Eugeney August 23, 2001 0.5 (2002-09-20) Free Yes BSD GUI BSD and POSIX operating systems with the Qt toolkit. Ported to Windows for wipfw.
sunShield Pro sunProtecting Factory ? 2.0.3 'L' (2007-11-09) Non-free (US$ 29.95) No Proprietary / Shareware GUI Mac OS X v10.4, Mac OS X v10.5 (universal binary)
WaterRoof Hany El Imam 2007 3.7 Free Yes GPL / Donationware GUI Mac OS X v10.4, Mac OS X v10.8 (universal binary)
YpFw Claudio Favi, CAIA 2004 ? Free Yes ? Text mode FreeBSD v3.4 or higher with Python v2.2 or higher

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