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For the asteroid, see 4791 Iphidamas.

In Greek mythology, the name Iphidamas (Ἰφιδάμας, gen. Ἰφιδάμαντος) may refer to:

  • Iphidamas, a son of Antenor and Theano. He was raised in Thrace by his maternal grandfather Cisseus, who sought to make him stay at home when the Trojan War broke out, by giving him his daughter in marriage for a bride price of a hundred cows and a thousand goats and sheep. Nevertheless, Iphidamas did leave for Troy the next day after the wedding. He led twelve ships, but left them at Percote and came to Troy by land. He confronted Agamemnon in battle, but his spear bent against the opponent's silver belt, whereupon Agamemnon killed Iphidamas with a sword and stripped him of his armor. He then also fought and killed his brother Coön, who attempted to avenge the death of Iphidamas.[1]
  • Iphidamas (or Amphidamas), a son of Busiris killed by Heracles.[2]


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