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Location of Ipiaú
Location of Ipiaú
Ipiaú-Bahia is located in Brazil
Location of Ipiaú
Coordinates: 14°8′13″S 39°44′2″W / 14.13694°S 39.73389°W / -14.13694; -39.73389Coordinates: 14°8′13″S 39°44′2″W / 14.13694°S 39.73389°W / -14.13694; -39.73389
Region Nordeste
State Bahia
Founded 1913
Incorporated (town) 1 August 1916
Incorporated (city) 2 December 1933
 • Mayor Maria das Graças Mendonça
 • Total 286,597 km2 (110,656 sq mi)
Population (2014)
 • Total 47,388
 • Density 177.26/km2 (459.1/sq mi)
Time zone BRT (UTC-3)
ZIP code 45.570-000

Ipiaú is a city in Bahia, Brazil. It is located at around 14°8′13″S 39°44′2″W / 14.13694°S 39.73389°W / -14.13694; -39.73389.

The city is located at the confluence of the Contas River and the Água-Branca River (White-water River).

Ipiaú is bordered, in counterclockwise fashion, by Ibirataia and Jequié to the north, Aiquara and Jitaúna to the west, Ibirataia and Barra do Rocha to the east and Itagibá to the south.

The city is an important producer and exporter of cacao in Brazil.

Is the birthplace of many noted Brazilian, writers and musicians, including Euclides Neto and Luiz Caldas.