Ippolita Trivulzio

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Ippolita Trivulzio
Ippolita Trivulzio princess of Monaco.jpg
Princess consort of Monaco
Tenure 13 February 1616 – 20 June 1638
Born 1600
Palazzo Trivulzio, Duchy of Milan
Died 20 June 1638 (aged 38)
Prince's Palace, Monaco
Spouse Honoré II of Monaco
Issue Prince Ercole, Marquis of Baux
Full name
Ippolita Trivulzio
House Grimaldi (by marriage)
Father Carlo Emanuele Teodoro Trivulzio
Mother Caterina Gonzaga

Ippolita Trivulzio (1600 – 20 June 1638) was the wife of Honoré II of Monaco and was the first Monegasque consort to bear the title of Princess.[1]

Ippolita was the only daughter of Carlo Emanuele Teodoro Trivulzio, Count of Melzo and his wife, Caterina Gonzaga. Her family originated from Milan. Her older brother was Gian Giacomo Teodoro Trivulzio. She married Honoré II, Prince of Monaco on 13 February 1616.[1] Honoré II was a member of the House of Grimaldi, sovereign rulers of the Principality of Monaco since the 13th century. The couple had one son.

Princess Ippolita died in her thirty-eighth year. She is a direct ancestress of the presently reigning Prince of Monaco, Albert II.[1]

Originally buried in the crypt of the Saint Nicholas Cathedral, Monaco, she was moved on 4 November 1966 by decision of Prince Rainier III.


  1. Ercole Grimaldi, Marquis of Baux (16 December 1623 – 2 August 1651) married Maria Aurelia Spinola and had issue.[1]



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Monegasque royalty
Preceded by
Maria Landi
(as Lady of Monaco)
Princess consort of Monaco
13 February 1616–1638
Succeeded by
Catherine Charlotte de Gramont