Ipsissima verba

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Ipsissima verba, Latin for "the very words," is a legal term referring to material, usually established authority, that a writer or speaker is quoting or referring to. For example, "the lawyer's position on segregation is supported by the ipsissima verba of the Supreme Court's holding in Brown v. Board of Education."


Ipsissima verba also refers to the appearances of Aramaic words throughout the gospels that might be the actual words Jesus physically spoke. While the manuscripts translated into the canonical New Testament were originally penned in koine Greek, many Aramaic words and expressions have survived in the texts. It is widely speculated that Jesus' native tongue was Aramaic and that these particular sayings could preserve the very words Jesus physically spoke, like the seven "sayings of Jesus on the cross".[1]

Other uses[edit]

Ipsissima verba is also the name of an album of the German band Samsas Traum.