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Ipsotek was established in 2001 and is currently headquartered in the United Kingdom with offices in the Middle East.

Ipsotek is an organisation that specialises in Video Content Analysis (VCA) , also known as Video Content (VA) or Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA).

Notable Installations[edit]

Notable Ipsotek installations are The London Eye,[1] The O2 Arena,[2] Australian Parliament House, Transport for London, Highways Agency, Colt and Belfast Airport.

Video Analytics Industry[edit]

The Video Analytics industry was estimated to be worth $7.5bn in 2012 and is forecasted to reach $21bn by 2020 according to Homeland Security Marketing Research report.[3]

Typical use cases for this technology according to British Security Industry Association(BSIA)[4] are:

  • External and internal intruder detection
  • Monitoring of plant or buildings for health and safety
  • People counting
  • Automatic traffic event and incident detection
  • Safety enhancements for public areas (PA announcements etc)
  • Smoke and fire detection
  • Camera failure or sabotage detection

These use cases are applicable across a broad spectrum of industries including transport,[5] retail, energy, critical infrastructure and government.


Ipsotek uses software combined with purpose-built hardware to provide intelligent video surveillance. Metadata relating to people/vehicle movement, event detection and counting statistics are created and analysed (including raising alerts) at the camera network “edge” or centrally. See published paper "Evaluation of motion-based algorithms for automated crowd management[6] " for theoretical rationalisation and examples of how this technology can be used in crowd management. Scene object tracking and camera network mapping based on image track start and end points, or Scenario-based detection (patented), enables precise targeting of behaviour analytics over multiple cameras.


  • Ipsotek holds i-LIDS[7] Primary Classification for sterile zone monitoring. i-LIDS is a government initiative to benchmark video analytics (VA) systems and give classification to those that meet Government requirements.[8]
  • Gold winner of CCTV System of the Year 2012[9] (IFSEC International Security Industry Awards ) for scenario-based detection product, Tag and Track.
  • Global Security challenge 2011 winner[10]

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