Isipum of Geumgwan Gaya

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Isipum of Geumgwan Gaya
Hangul 이품왕 also 이시품왕
Hanja 伊品王 also 伊尸品王
Revised Romanization Ipum wang also Isipum wang
McCune–Reischauer Ip'um wang also Isip'um wang

Ipum of Geumgwan Gaya (died 407) (r. 346–407)[1] was the fifth ruler of Geumgwan Gaya, a Gaya state of ancient Korea. He was the son of King Geojilmi and Queen Aji. He married Queen Jeongsin, and she gave birth to his heir, Jwaji.

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  1. ^ Ilyeon gives these dates, which are widely accepted. However, he also provides the alternate dates 327-389.


Preceded by
Geojilmi of Geumgwan Gaya
King of Geumgwan Gaya
Succeeded by
Jwaji of Geumgwan Gaya