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Ira (/ˈrə/ or /ˈaɪərə/ or /ˈrə/) is a male and female given name. In Hebrew, the name Ira (עִירָא, Modern Hebrew Ira, Tiberian Hebrew ʻÎrâ) means "watchful."

In Sanskrit, Ira (ईरा) is the name of the wind-god who is father of the God of strength and devotion, Hanuman. Ira (इरा) is the daughter of Daksha who was married to the sage Kashyap. Ira is also another name for the goddess Sarasvati, and for Earth in Sanskrit.

In Russia and Finland, Ira is a female given name, which is the short form of the Greek name Eirene. Eirene was a Greek goddess that was the personification of peace, and the name itself means peace. Ira can be a nickname for Ireneo, Irenej, Ireneus, and Irinij.

Ira may refer to:




  • Ira Buchman, fictional character in the American television series Mad About You
  • Ira Gaines, fictional character in the American television series 24
  • Ira Goldstein, fictional character in ASB Bank advertisements in New Zealand
  • Ira Hogeboom, fictional character in the video game L.A. Noire
  • Ira Wright, fictional character portrayed by Seth Rogen in Judd Apatow's comedy, Funny People
  • Ira Hath, fictional character in the "Wind on Fire" Trilogy by William Nicholson
  • Ira Graves, fictional character in an episode of the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation, Data's "grandfather"

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