Iraj Castle

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Iraj Castle
Near Varamin in Iran
Iraj Citadel.jpg
Iraj Castle
Type Castle
Area 200 hectares
Height 1440 meters
Site history
Materials Mud-brick

Iraj Castle is located to the north-east of Varamin and near Ja'far Abad in north of Iran.[1] This great brick fortress in 1280 of about 1440 meters. Nowadays main gate remains. Iraj Castle is one of the significant castle of adobe with a height of 50 feet, an area of 200 hectares and was constructed in 1200 in the 100 meters during the Sassanid Empire.[2]

Findings suggest that the castle was built in the Sassanid era by people, who suddenly abandoned the structure and never returned,” said archeology team-director, Mohammad Reza Nemati.[3]

A ditch was found around the castle along with six ceramic pieces bearing Pahlavi inscriptions, There is not enough evidence to determine whether the monument was used for military purposes.[3]

Considered by many as the world's largest mud-brick fort, Iraj castle is located to the north of Varamin-Pishva road in Tehran Province.[3]


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Coordinates: 35°20′35″N 51°40′51″E / 35.3431°N 51.6808°E / 35.3431; 51.6808