Iran–Morocco relations

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Iran-Morocco relations
Map indicating locations of Iran and Morocco



Iran-Morocco relations have often been tarred by disputes. On several occasions Iran and Morocco have mostly or completely severed diplomatic relations.

Iran cut off all diplomatic ties with Rabat in 1981. This was in response to King Hassan II's decision to give asylum to the exiled Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. It was almost a decade before relations would thaw enough to renew ties. It was almost one decade after that before Abderrahmane Youssoufi, Prime Minister of Morocco at the time, would lead the first Moroccan delegation to the Islamic Republic of Iran.[1] Economic ties increased greatly in recent times.[2]

On 6 March 2009, King Mohammed VI of Morocco severed diplomatic ties with Iran, offering several reasons. Morocco's Foreign Ministry said in a press release on Friday that Morocco has cut its diplomatic ties with Iran following Tehran's critical remarks over Bahrain;[clarification needed] It also cited that Iran spreading its Shi’ite brand of Islam in Sunni Morocco was interfering in Morocco's domestic affairs.[2]

On February 2014, the two countries said they were re-establishing diplomatic ties. [3]

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