Iran–Poland relations

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Iranian–Polish relations
Map indicating locations of Iran and Poland



Iran–Poland relations is historical and bilateral relationship between Iran and Poland. Iran has an embassy in Warsaw, while Poland has an embassy in Tehran. Their relationship is characterized as close because of historical concepts.[1]


Embassy of Iran in Warsaw

When Iran was still under Qajar dynasty and named as Persia, the Partitions of Poland at 1795 by Prussia, Austria and Russia was condemned by Persia and Persia rejected the partitions, together with the Ottoman Empire.[2] Under the circumstance, Persia welcomed Polish refugees fleeing from partitioned Poland.

During World War II, after the invasion of Poland by Soviet Union, a lot of Poles had been imprisoned in Soviet Union while a number of Polish refugees also fled to Iran. The Government of Iran, once again, raised their arms and supported Polish refugees, gave shelters and ammunitions for the Poles.[3] There is also a Polish cemetery in Iran and this is still exist as for the result of long time relationship between Iran and Poland.


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