Iran Combine Manufacturing Company

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Traded as TSE: COMB1
Industry Heavy equipment
Founded 1969
Headquarters Tehran, Iran
Key people
Mohammad Jafar Safavid (Chairman & CEO)
Products Agriculture, Construction & Forestry, Consumer & Commercial Equipment, Engines,
Owner Astan Quds Razavi (54%)[1]

Iran Combine Manufacturing Company (Persian: کمباین‌سازی ایران‎‎) is an Iranian combine harvester manufacturer.


Iran combine Manufacturing Co. was established and registered in 1969 under the name of Jansaz (Ltd) and started production of agricultural machinery with a capacity of 20,000 tones per annum.[2]

In 1970, the company was sold to a consortium led by American company John Deere, eventually changing its name to "Iran John Deere". However, in 1982, the company's ownership was changed to a joint stock share.[3]


In 2008, Managing director of Iran Combine Manufacturing said that China had announced readiness to establish a joint venture in the company.[4]

ICM products have been exported to China since 1984,[5] and since then, the company's distribution network has expanded to include Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Zimbabwe, Spain and Venezuela.[6]


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