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Captain Saeid Ahmadvand
Coach -
ITF ranking 76
First year 1962
Years played 42
Ties played (W–L) 106 (56 - 50)
Years in
World Group
0 (0 - 0)
Most total wins Anoosha Shahgholi (38-25)
Most singles wins Anoosha Shahgholi (27-15)
Most doubles wins Kanyab Derafshijavan (12-8)
Best doubles team Wins: Kanyab Derafshijavan (12-8)
Team: Kanyab Derafshijavan and Mostafa Saleh (6-0)
Most ties played Anoosha Shahgholi (42)
Most years played Taghi Akbari (15)
Anoosha Shahgholi (15)

The Iran Davis Cup team represents Iran in Davis Cup tennis competition and are governed by the Tennis Federation of Iran.

Iran currently compete in the Asia/Oceania Zone of Group III. They have reached the Group II finals twice.


Iran competed in its first Davis Cup in 1962.

Current team[edit]

Notable Players[edit]



Since 1959(Last updated 16 July 2016)[1] Thailand w/o Iran in 1959. Iran w/o Burma in 1964. Iran w/o Malaysia in 1967. Iran w/o Nigeria in 1975. Turkey w/o Iran in 1985. Hungary w/o Iran in 1986.

  • Champion: none
  • Runner-up: none
  • Lost in Semifinals: none
  • Lost in Quarterfinals: none
  • Lost in First Round: n times
Home and away record (all NN match-ups)
  • Performance at home (NN match-ups): NN–NN (NN.N%)
  • Performance away (NN match-ups): NN–NN (NN.N%)
  • Total: NN–NN (NN.N%)
Head-to-head record (1959–)
Record against continents
Africa Asia Europe North America Oceania South America
 South Africa
 Hong Kong
 Saudi Arabia
 Sri Lanka
 Chinese Taipei
 United Arab Emirates
 Great Britain
 United States  Pacific Oceania none
Record: N-N (NN%) Record: N-N (NN%) Record: N-N (NN%) Record: N-N (NN%) Record: N-N (NN%) Record: N/A
Record by decade
  • 2010–2019: N-N (NN%)
  • 2000–2009: N-N (NN%)
  • 1991–1999: N-N (NN%)
  • 1970–1979: N-N (NN%)
  • 1962–1969: N-N (NN%)

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