League 3 (Iran)

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Iran Football's 3rd Division
Founded 2001
Country  Iran
Confederation AFC
Divisions 6
Number of teams 70
Level on pyramid 4
Promotion to League 2
Relegation to Provincial Leagues
Domestic cup(s) Hazfi Cup
Current champions

Shahrdari Fuman Shahrdari Hamedan Shahrdari Arak Qashqai Shiraz Shahin Mahshahr

Shahid Karimi Jooybar
TV partners IRIB
2016–17 season

Iranian football's 3rd division (Persian: ليگ دسته سوم ایران‎) is the fourth-highest football division overall in the Iranian football league system.

Before 2001, the 3rd division league was the third-highest division in Iranian football league system, however, this was changed to fourth-highest division when Iran's football structure officially became professional.

The league consists of six groups, with the total number of teams in each group is twelve. The groups are organized in a manner such that teams closer to each other geographically end up in the same group. Because of this the 3rd division can be considered as a regional league.

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