Iran Nuclear Achievements Protection Act

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Iran Nuclear Achievements Protection Act
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Islamic Consultative Assembly
Government's Obligation to Protect the Nuclear Rights and Achievements of Iranian Nation Act
CitationAct No. 23669/549 of Error: the date or year parameters are either empty or in an invalid format, please use a valid year for year, and use DMY, MDY, MY, or Y date formats for date (in Persian).
Territorial extentIslamic Republic of Iran
Enacted byGuardian Council[1]
Passed23 June 2015
Enacted24 June 2015[1]
Signed12 July 2015[2]
Signed byPresident Hassan Rouhani[2]
Repealed14 October 2015
Iranian Government's Reciprocal and Proportional Action in Implementing the JCPOA Act
The bill intends to support preservation of Iran’s nuclear rights and achievements.
Iran nuclear program
Status: Repealed

The Government's Obligation to Protect the Nuclear Rights and Achievements of Iranian Nation Act (Persian: قانون الزام دولت به حفظ دستاوردها و حقوق هسته‌ای ملت ایران‎) is a bill that was passed on 23 June 2015[1] by Iran's Islamic Consultative Assembly to support Iran's nuclear program and put some constraints on Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in the negotiations leading to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

The bill passed in the Majlis by 213 to 10 (Yea and Nay) and 6 Abstains.[1]

The implication of the Act is that the Majlis curtailed its own power to stand against the deal.


The main requirements for the government include:

  1. All Sanctions against Iran must be lifted on the day that Iran begins to implement its obligations.
  2. The International Atomic Energy Agency is restricted to conventional inspections of Nuclear facilities in Iran and barred from seeing military bases, security sensitive sites, documents and scientists, and must comply with Supreme National Security Council policies.
  3. No restrictions on Iran’s acquisition of peaceful nuclear technology and know-how or research and development, and must be in compliance with Supreme National Security Council policies.

The bill has two amendments:

  1. According to Articles 77 and 125 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran, results of negotiations must be submitted to Majlis.
  2. Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Supreme National Security Council must report implementation of the agreement every six months to Majlis.

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