Iran at the 1958 Asian Games

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Iran at the
1958 Asian Games
State Flag of Iran (1933-1964).svg
IOC code IRI
NOC National Olympic Committee of the Islamic Republic of Iran
Website (in Persian) (in English)
in Tokyo
Competitors 81 in 11 sports
Flag bearer Mahmoud Namjoo
Ranked 4th
Gold Silver Bronze Total
7 14 11 32
Asian Games appearances (overview)

Iran participated in the 1958 Asian Games held in the capital city of Tokyo, Japan. This country is ranked 4th with 7 gold medals in this edition of the Asiad.[1]


Sport Men Women Total
Aquatics, Diving 2 2
Aquatics, Swimming 3 3
Athletics 8 2 10
Boxing 9 9
Cycling, Track 1 1
Football 18 18
Shooting 4 4
Table tennis 4 2 6
Tennis 4 4
Volleyball, Indoor 8 8
Weightlifting 8 8
Wrestling 8 8
Total 77 4 81

Medal summary[edit]

Medal table[edit]

Sport Gold Silver Bronze Total
Aquatics, Diving 0 0 2 2
Athletics 1 1 2 4
Boxing 0 3 3 6
Cycling, Track 0 2 0 2
Table tennis 0 0 1 1
Volleyball, Indoor 0 1 0 1
Weightlifting 3 4 1 8
Wrestling 3 3 2 8
Total 7 14 11 32


Medal Name Sport Event
 Gold Mahmoud Khaligh Razavi Athletics Men's 1500 m
 Gold Jalal Mansouri Weightlifting Men's 82.5 kg
 Gold Hassan Rahnavardi Weightlifting Men's 90 kg
 Gold Firouz Pojhan Weightlifting Men's +90 kg
 Gold Emam-Ali Habibi Wrestling Men's freestyle 67 kg
 Gold Gholamreza Takhti Wrestling Men's freestyle 87 kg
 Gold Abbas Zandi Wrestling Men's freestyle +87 kg
 Silver Mahmoud Khaligh Razavi Athletics Men's 800 m
 Silver Vazik Kazarian Boxing Men's 63.5 kg
 Silver Soren Pirjanian Boxing Men's 67 kg
 Silver Amir Yavari Boxing Men's 71 kg
 Silver Jafar Goltalab Cycling, Track Men's sprint
 Silver Jafar Goltalab Cycling, Track Men's 1 km time trial
 Silver Abdolmonem Kamal
Siavash Farrokhi
Mahmoud Adl
Mohammad Sharifzadeh
Hossein Ali Amiri
Esmaeil Ashtari
Abbas Tehrani
Kamal Pourhashemi
Volleyball, Indoor Men
 Silver Esmaeil Elmkhah Weightlifting Men's 52 kg
 Silver Mahmoud Namjoo Weightlifting Men's 56 kg
 Silver Ali Safa-Sonboli Weightlifting Men's 60 kg
 Silver Ebrahim Peiravi Weightlifting Men's 75 kg
 Silver Khalil Rayatpanah Wrestling Men's freestyle 52 kg
 Silver Jahanbakht Tofigh Wrestling Men's freestyle 73 kg
 Silver Nabi Sorouri Wrestling Men's freestyle 79 kg
 Bronze Manouchehr Fasihi Aquatics, Diving Men's 3 m springboard
 Bronze Hassan Azami Aquatics, Diving Men's 10 m platform
 Bronze Ali Baghbanbashi Athletics Men's 5000 m
 Bronze Ali Baghbanbashi Athletics Men's 10000 m
 Bronze Ezaria Ilkhanoff Boxing Men's 51 kg
 Bronze Leon Khachatourian Boxing Men's 75 kg
 Bronze Akbar Khojini Boxing Men's 81 kg
 Bronze Edmond Beitkhoda
Houshang Bozorgzadeh
Amir Ehteshamzadeh
Hamid Korloo
Table tennis Men's team
 Bronze Henrik Tamraz Weightlifting Men's 67.5 kg
 Bronze Gholam Hossein Zandi Wrestling Men's freestyle 57 kg
 Bronze Nasser Givehchi Wrestling Men's freestyle 62 kg

Results by event[edit]






The National Iranian Boxing Team standing, prior to being sent to The Third Asian Games in Tokyo 1958

This was the first time Iranian boxers were participating in an official Asian tournament, such as the Asian Games, with 9 boxers, the most boxers after the Japanese boxing team. In the 1958 Asian Games in Tokyo, the Iranian boxing team managed to bag a total of 6 medals, including three silver medals, three bronze medals, and also obtained three fifth places.[2] The consequence of this participation resulted in Iran's boxing team to rank second, considering medal counts, and fifth, in the overall boxing table, helping Iran Sports Convoy to rank fourth, overall in the Third Asian Games, which was applauded by the Iranian officials.[3]

The Iranian national boxing team, which consisted of boxers from Tehran Taj club and Tehran Jafari club, was coached by Petros Nazarbegian,[4][5] and the team members were: Ezaria Ilkhanoff (Persian: ایزاریا ایلخانوف) in the Flyweight division (bronze medal),[6] Karapet Kochar (Persian: کاراپت کوچار) in the Bantamweight division (fifth place), Sadegh Aliakbarzadeh (Persian: صادق علی اکبرزاده) in the Featherweight division (fifth place),[7] Hassan Pakandam (Persian: حسن پاک اندام) in the Lightweight division (fifth place),[8] Vazik Kazarian (Persian: وازیک قازاریان) in the Light-Welterweight division (silver medal),[9] Soren Pirjanian (Persian: سورن پیرجانیان) in the Welterweight division (silver medal),[10] Amir Yavari (captain) (Persian: امیر یاوری) in the Light-middleweight division (silver medal),[11] Leon Khachatourian (Persian: لئون خاچاطوریان) in the Middleweight division (bronze medal),[12] Akbar Khojini (Persian: اکبرخوجینی) in the Light heavyweight division (bronze medal), (no participant in the Heavyweight division).[13]

Athlete Event Round 1 Quarterfinal Semifinal Final Rank
Ezaria Ilkhanoff 51 kg  Bonus (PHI)
W Points
 Hla (BIR)
L Points
Did not advance 3rd, bronze medalist(s)
Karapet Kochar 54 kg Bye  Suzuki (JPN)
L Points
Did not advance 5
Sadegh Aliakbarzadeh 57 kg Bye  Ikeyama (JPN)
L Points
Did not advance 5
Hassan Pakandam 60 kg  Chung (KOR)
L Points
Did not advance 5
Vazik Kazarian 63.5 kg Bye  Chundakowsolaya (THA)
W Points
 Kawakami (JPN)
L Points
2nd, silver medalist(s)
Soren Pirjanian 67 kg  David (PHI)
W Points
 Onuki (JPN)
W Points
 Kim (KOR)
L Points
2nd, silver medalist(s)
Amir Yavari 71 kg Bye  Hussain (PAK)
W Points
 Takahashi (JPN)
L Points
2nd, silver medalist(s)
Leon Khachatourian 75 kg  Singh (IND)
L Points
Did not advance 3rd, bronze medalist(s)
Akbar Khojini 81 kg  Mahmood (PAK)
L Points
Did not advance 3rd, bronze medalist(s)




Table tennis[edit]


Athlete Event 1st round 2nd round 3rd round Quarterfinal Semifinal Final Rank
George Aftandilian Singles Bye  Pinto (CEY)
L 0–2
2–6, 2–6
Did not advance 17
Enoud Jasemzadeh Singles  Ishiguro (JPN)
L 0–2
0–6, 2–6
Did not advance 33
Henry Johanes Singles  Dungo (PHI)
L 0–2
1–6, 2–6
Did not advance 33
Arsham Yasaei Singles Bye  Tsai (HKG)
L 1–2
9–7, 2–6, 1–6
Did not advance 17
George Aftandilian
Enoud Jasemzadeh
Doubles  Lim (SGP)
 Pakir (SGP)
L 1–2
9–7, 4–6, 0–6
Did not advance 17
Henry Johanes
Arsham Yasaei
Doubles   (VNM)
L 1–2
9–7, 4–6, 3–6
Did not advance 17



Athlete Event Press Snatch Clean & Jerk Total Rank
Esmaeil Elmkhah 52 kg 277.5 2nd, silver medalist(s)
Mahmoud Namjoo 56 kg 315.0 2nd, silver medalist(s)
Ali Safa-Sonboli 60 kg 107.5 102.5 132.5 342.5 2nd, silver medalist(s)
Henrik Tamraz 67.5 kg 112.5 112.5 145.0 370.0 3rd, bronze medalist(s)
Ebrahim Peiravi 75 kg 115.0 117.5 147.5 380.0 2nd, silver medalist(s)
Jalal Mansouri 82.5 kg 127.5 122.5 150.0 400.0 1st, gold medalist(s)
Hassan Rahnavardi 90 kg 140.0 127.5 165.0 432.5 1st, gold medalist(s)
Firouz Pojhan +90 kg 152.5 132.5 175.0 460.0 1st, gold medalist(s)


Men's freestyle
Athlete Event Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Rank
Khalil Rayatpanah 52 kg Bye  Alcantara (PHI)
W Fall
 Yoshida (JPN)
L Points
 Din (PAK)
W Points
2nd, silver medalist(s)
Gholam Hossein Zandi 57 kg  Im (KOR)
W Points
 Iizuka (JPN)
D Points
 Tomasis (PHI)
W Fall
 Akhtar (PAK)
L Points
3rd, bronze medalist(s)
Nasser Givehchi 62 kg  Perez (PHI)
W Fall
 Din (PAK)
D Points
 Nakagawa (JPN)
L Points
Bye 3rd, bronze medalist(s)
Emam-Ali Habibi 67 kg  Ashraf (PAK)
 Bong (KOR)
W Points
 Abe (JPN)
W Points
Bye 1st, gold medalist(s)
Jahanbakht Tofigh 73 kg  Choi (KOR)
 Kaneko (JPN)
D Points
 Jan (AFG)
W Fall
Bye 2nd, silver medalist(s)
Nabi Sorouri 79 kg  Nagai (JPN)
D Points
 Rahim (AFG)
W Fall
 Rasool (PAK)
 Arcales (PHI)
W Fall
2nd, silver medalist(s)
Gholamreza Takhti 87 kg Bye  Hwang (KOR)
W Fall
Bye  Takagi (JPN)
W Fall
1st, gold medalist(s)
Abbas Zandi +87 kg  Ohira (JPN)
W Points
 Nazir (PAK)
D Points
Bye 1st, gold medalist(s)


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