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Iranian Agriculture News Agency
Type Internet Website
Availability International
Key people
Ali, Fardi, Aref Mohammadzadeh
Official website

Iranian Agriculture News Agency (IANA) is an Iranian Official news agency focused on agricultural issues of the world countries and introduces that of Iran to the world. Its start dates back to May 2004 with the goal of specialized activities on Agriculture and Rural Development and to help the national network of informing to develop in agriculture sector and to provide information for beneficiaries and specialists and to attend between other written electronic media, offering solving suggestions and establish a dynamic and productive connection with the public thoughts in and out of Iran in order to extend the macro and micro agricultural policies. On the other hand, reflecting the agriculture sector and its related subsections' capacities and abilities especially in social affairs, democratic organizations and the culture of village are among the other activities of this predicative-analytic news agency.


The managing director of this news agency is Kazem Shokri.


49 journalists are working in IANA including 9 deskmen who manage their subordinate groups, such as editing and publishing the provided news, reports, articles and critiques on the website.


Currently eight news groups plus the Technical and Support group are working in IANA and nine deskmen take control of them. The groups are as follows:

  1. Agriculture
  2. Economy
  3. Rural Development and Industries
  4. Research and Study
  5. International
  6. Non-Government Organizations
  7. Parliament
  8. Culture and Art
  9. Picture

Website design and programming[edit]

English version of this news agency's website is designed, programmed and launched by Aref Mohammadzadeh, former Director of International Affairs and Secretary of International Desk of IANA and current director of this news agency.

The new Persian version of IANA is designed, programmed and launched by Moj Network Developer ICT Co., Ltd., which is under control and management of Aref Mohammadzadeh.

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