Iranian Mosque, Bur Dubai

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Iranian Mosque
المسجد الشيعي الإيراني
Dubai, moschea Shia 02.jpg
AffiliationShia Islam
LocationBur Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Geographic coordinates25°15′49.4″N 55°17′38.8″E / 25.263722°N 55.294111°E / 25.263722; 55.294111

The Iranian Mosque[a] (also known as the Ali ibn Abi Talib Iranian Mosque) is a Shia mosque located near the old Textile Souk in the Bur Dubai district of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.[1]


The mosque is inspired by Persian architecture and is notable for its colourful exterior and interior. It features a facade and onion dome marked with extensive Persian faience tilework, and an azure blue background featured in floral patterns.[2] Islamic calligraphy from the Quran is inscribed in rosettes, amidst swirls in colours of green, yellow, red and white. The mosque has its origins among the city's Iranian community.[2]

Lonely Planet describes it as a "simple yet striking mosque in the textile area of Bur Dubai Souq" and is notable for its "sensuous, bulbous domes and gently tapering minaret." [3]

There is another Iranian Mosque in Satwa inspired by similar elements.[2]

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