List of ethnic groups known as "Iranian Turks"

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The term "Iranian Turks" typically applies to the Iranian Azerbaijanis, the largest Turkic group found in Iran. It can technically apply to any other Turkic group in Iran (or to these groups considered together), including:

Turkic peoples of Iran Language Religion and Sub-ethnic groups
Iranian Azerbaijanis Azerbaijani language (and its dialects) Muslim (Shia)
Khorasani Turks Khorasani Turkic language Muslim (Shia)
Iranian Turkmen Turkmen language Muslim (Sunni)
  • Khorasani Turkmens
Afshar people Afshar language Muslim (Shia)
Khalaj people Khalaj language Muslim (Shia)
Qashqai people Qashqai language Muslim (Shia)
  • Aghajari tribe
Turks in Iran Turkish language Muslim

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