List of Iranian films of the 1960s

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A list of films produced in Iran ordered by year of release in the 1960s. For an alphabetical list of Iranian films see Category:Iranian films


Year Title Director Actors Genre Notability
1960 '''''
1961 Fire and Ashes
1962 The House is Black Foroogh Farrokhzad short documentary A look at life and suffering in a leper colony
1963 '''''
1964 '''''
1965 Ganj-e Qarun Siyamak Yasemi Fardin
Adobe and Mirror
Shabe Quzi
The Bride of The Sea
1966 '''''
1967 The Night it Rained
1968 The King of Hearts
1969 Gaav Dariush Mehrjui Ezzatollah Entezami Drama Considered as the beginning of Iranian New Wave
Qeysar Masoud Kimiai Behrooz Vossoughi Crime/Drama
The Cow
Donyaye por Omid
Heaven is Never a Great Distance

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