Iranian presidential election, 1985

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Iranian presidential election, 1985
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  Portrait of Ali Khamenei, 1985.jpg Mahmoud Kashani1 (cropped).jpg
Nominee Ali Khamenei Mahmoud Kashani
Party IRP Independent
Popular vote 12,203,870 1,402,416
Percentage 87.9 % 10.1%

President before election

Ali Khamenei

Elected President

Ali Khamenei

The Iranian presidential election of 1985 took place on August 16, 1985, and resulted in the re-election of the incumbent President Ali Khamenei.


Freedom Movement of Iran called for a boycott.[1]




Party Candidate Votes Percentage
Islamic Republican Ali Khamenei 12,203,870 87.9 %
Independent Mahmoud Kashani 1,402,416 10.1%
Islamic Republican
ran independent
Habibollah Asgar-Owladi 283,297 2.0%
Blank or invalid votes 355,047
Totals 14,244,630 100.00%
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