Iranian presidential election, October 1981

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Iranian presidential election, October 1981
1981 (Jul) ←
October 2, 1981 → 1985

  Jumu'ah pray Ali Kamenei as Jumu'ah Imam.jpg Ali Akbar Parvaresh.jpg
Nominee Ali Khamenei Ali Akbar Parvaresh
Party IRP Independent
Popular vote 16,007,072 341,841
Percentage 97.1 % 2.1%

President before election

Mohammad-Ali Rajai

Elected President

Ali Khamenei

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The Iranian presidential election of October 1981, took place on October 2, 1981, after the assassination of Mohammad-Ali Rajai, the previous President of Iran, during the interim premiership of Mohammad-Reza Mahdavi Kani. It led to the landslide victory of Ali Khamenei.


Of the total 16,841,800 total votes, the following numbers were won by each candidate:

Iranian presidential election, October 1981
Party Candidate Votes Percentage
Islamic Republican Ali Khamenei 16,007,072 97.1%
Independent Ali Akbar Parvaresh 341,841 2.1%
Independent Hassan Ghafourifard 75,658 0.5%
Independent Reza Zavare'i 62,156 0.4%
Blank or invalid votes 360,269
Totals 16,846,996 100.00%
Voter turnout 79%
Sources: Ministry of Interior of Iran


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