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Iranian rial banknotes are the banknotes of the Iranian rial, the currency of Iran. They are issued by the Central Bank of Iran, each bearing the signature of the President of the Iranian Central Bank. The 100, 200 and 500 rial banknotes are becoming increasingly uncommon; shopkeepers habitually give out small packages of gum in lieu of the last 500 rials of change. For day to day means people will carry wards of 100,000's. It was reported by US media that Iranian Rial banknotes are printed in Europe.


Current Series
Image Value Dimensions
Main Colour Description
Obverse Reverse Obverse Reverse
100 Iranian Rial.svg 130 X 67 Purple Hassan Modarres Old building of Islamic Consultative Assembly
200 Iranian Rial.svg 136 X 69 Green Jame' Mosque of Yazd Jahad-e Sazandegi (جهاد سازندگی)
500 Iranian Rial.svg 142 X 71 Gray-Green Friday prayers University of Tehran main entrance
1,000 Iranian Rial.svg 148 X 73 Brown Ruhollah Khomeini Dome of the Rock
2,000 Iranian Rial.svg 151 X 74 Onion-skin purple Ruhollah Khomeini Kaaba
5,000 Iranian Rial.svg 154 x 75 Brown-Olive Ruhollah Khomeini Omid satellite
10,000 Iranian Rial.svg 160 x 77 Green Ruhollah Khomeini Mount Damavand
20,000 Iranian Rial.svg 163 X 78 Blue Ruhollah Khomeini Naqsh-e Jahan Square
50,000 Iranian Rial.svg 166 X 79 Ochre Ruhollah Khomeini Map of Iran with Atom symbol, quote in Persian from the prophet Mohammed, and "Persian Gulf" in English
100,000 Iranian Rial.svg 166 X 79 Light olive greenish Ruhollah Khomeini Saadi's Mausoleum in Shiraz

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500 riyal or 5 pahlavi on 1317 Persian calendar = 1938

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