Iranians in Germany

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Iranians in Germany
Total population
??? (German citizens)
114,125[1] (Iranian citizens without German citizenship)
Regions with significant populations
Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt am Main, Essen, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Bonn, Münster
mostly: German, Persian
rarely: Sorani Kurdish
very rarely: Armenian, Azerbaijani, Luri (See languages of Iran)
Shia Islam, Christianity, Sunni Islam, Judaism, Bahá'í Faith, Zoroastrianism, various others

Iranians in Germany include immigrants from Iran to Germany as well as their descendants of Iranian heritage or background. Iranians in Germany are referred to by hyphenated terms such as German-Iranians, Iranian-German, German-Persian, or Persian-German.[2][3][4][5] Similar terms Iranisch Deutsch and Persisches Deutsch, may be found in Germanophone media.[6][7][8] In 2018, Federal Statistical Office of Germany (Destatis) estimates that 237,000 people of Iranian background live in Germany. [9]

Multiple Nationality[edit]

Nowadays, most Iranian-Germans have German and Iranian citizenship (multiple nationality).[10][11] Iran almost never frees its citizens from their Iranian citizenship (see Article 989 Iran. Civil Code [12]), which is inherited through the father (or descent). The still existing German-Iranian agreement of 1929 [13] regulates in no. II of the Final Protocol that government approval is required prior to the naturalization of nationals of the other State.

Notable Iranians in Germany[edit]

See List of German people of Iranian descent

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