Iraq–Poland relations

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Iraqi-Polish relations
Map indicating locations of Iraq and Poland



The Iraqi-Polish relations is the official relationship between Iraq and Poland. Iraq has an embassy held in Warsaw. Poland has an embassy in Baghdad.


While contact between Poland and Iraq was little, during the World War II, Iraq acted as a transit for Polish refugees fleeing from oppression in the Soviet Union.[1] This was the first mutual tie between two countries. When Poland fell to the communists and Iraq obtained complete independence from Britain, two countries established relations.

At 1980s, Poland stayed neutral in the Iran–Iraq War.

2003 Iraq War[edit]

However, the first full official link between two countries dated back to 2003, when Poland participated in the U.S.-led invasion on Iraq.[2] Poland was among the most active countries in the anti-Saddam coalition, and also played a role on stabilizing the country as well. In 2008, Poland ended its military activities in Iraq after five years.[3] However, throughout the conflict, Poland's role raised serious questions over its benefits on participating in Iraq.[4]

Anti-ISIS coalition[edit]

The threat from Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant had prompted Poland to aid Iraq and supported, in a limited, anti-Daesh role; with Poland is one of major aid donors to Iraq.[5] Their aids first reached to the city of Erbil in 2014,[6] and Poland is an active anti-ISIS member since.[7]

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