Iraqi Kurdistan presidential election, 2009

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Iraqi Kurdistan presidential election, 2009
Iraqi Kurdistan
← 1992 25 July 2009 2017 →
  Mesud Barzani.jpg
Nominee Massoud Barzani Kamal Mirawdily
Party Kurdistani List Independent
Popular vote 1,266,397 460,323
Percentage 69.6% 25.3%

President before election

Massoud Barzani

Elected President

Massoud Barzani

Territories controlled by the KRG

The Iraqi Kurdistan presidential elections of 2009 took place on 25 July 2009, coinciding with the Iraqi Kurdistan parliamentary elections of 2009. A total of 2.5 million citizens of Iraqi Kurdistan were eligible to vote in the parliamentary and presidential elections. It is the first time that the President of Iraqi Kurdistan was chosen directly through popular votes. [1] People currently living outside Iraqi Kurdistan were not allowed to vote. [2]

Like the parliamentary elections, campaigning for the elections officially started on 22 June 2009 and was to be stopped 48 hours before voting starts.[3] The elections were held with 84 registration centers and 5,403 polling stations in Kurdistan and 5 polling stations in Baghdad. Below are the candidates listed with their lot number.

Halow Ibrahim Ahmed was seen as the leading challenger to the incumbent.[4]


A total of 1,819,652 people, approximately 80% of the registered voters, participated in the election[1]

Initial reports gave Barzani 70 percent of the vote.[5]

Candidate Popular votes Percentage
Massoud Barzani 1,266,397 69.6
Kamal Mirawdily 460,323 25.3
Halow Ibrahim Ahmed 63,377 3.5
Ahmed Mohammed Rasul 18,890 1.4
Hussein Garmiyani 10,665 0.6
Total 1,819,652 [2] 100%

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