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Miss Iraq Organization
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Ahmed Laith Salman

Miss Iraq is a national beauty pageant in Iraq.


Renee Dangoor won the first title of Miss Iraq in 1947.

The Miss Iraq has been founded in 1947 and in 1972 the country participated in Miss Universe history. Wijdan Sulyman was crowned Hasna'a Al-Iraq (or Belle of Iraq) in 1972 and is the first known Iraqi woman to hold a national beauty title. She was the first Iraqi Pageant winner to participate in Miss Universe.[1]

In 2015 the first season after 43 years absence, the official national beauty contest of Iraq recognized by Ministry of Culture, Tourism & Antiquities has been held in Baghdad.[2] The Miss Iraq titles set to be three categories which are Miss Iraq, Iraq's Maiden of Beauty and Mesopotamian Princess.

The pageant is organized by a group of civil activists, leaders from the beauty/fashion community and with the support of the Ministry of Culture, Tourism & Antiquities of Iraq.[3]

National franchise holders[edit]

The Miss Iraq plans to return and debut to some International pageants like Miss Universe. Recently, Miss Iraq has been signed up to participate at the Miss Earth by the second Runner-up of 2015, Miss Iraq pageant.[4]


Year Miss Iraq Governorate
1947 Renee Dangoor Baghdad
1962 Kholoud Saleh Baghdad
1963 Sameera Zeidan Baghdad
1971 Nasik Shali Sulaymaniyah
1972 Wijdan Burhan El-Deen Sulyman Baghdad
2015 Shimaa Qasim[5] Kirkuk
2017 Sarah Idan Baghdad
2019 TBD TBD

Representatives at Big Four pageants[edit]

The following women have represented Iraq in the Big Four international beauty pageants, the four major international beauty pageants for women.[6][7] These are Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss International and Miss Earth.[8][9][10]

Representatives to Miss Universe[edit]

Year Miss Iraq Governorate Placement Special Awards Notes
1972 Wijdan Burhan El-Deen Sulyman Baghdad Unplaced
2016 Shimaa Qasim Kirkuk Did not compete Withdrew, due to personal reasons
2017 Sarah Idan Baghdad Unplaced Best National Costume (Top 16)

Representatives to Miss World[edit]

Year Miss World Iraq Governorate Placement Special Awards Notes
2017 Masty Hama Halabja Did not compete First Runner-up of Miss Iraq 2017

Representatives to Miss Earth[edit]

Year Miss Earth Iraq Governorate Placement Special Awards Notes
2016 Susan Amer Baghdad Unplaced Second Runner-up of Miss Iraq 2015


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