Irbis Seguy

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Irbis Seguy or Ibris Beg Shekui Khagan (I Pi She Kui) (r. 642–651) was the next-to-last ruler of the Western Turkic Khaganate. He was linked to the Nushibi faction and was the grandson of Ishbara Tolis (r. 634–638).

In 642 he overthrew Yukuk Shad (r. 638–642) with support from the expanding Tang dynasty Chinese. Although Yukuk Shad was still active and controlling a part of the territory, Irbis Seguy had the support of Nushibi (western) tribes. During the early years of his reign the rivalry between the Nushibi and Dulo factions cooled off. In 646 sought a Chinese princess for his bride. In return, Emperor Taizong of Tang demanded the return of several Tarim Basin cities. When this was refused the Chinese invaded the Tarim. Two years later several Dulo leaders took refuge in China. With them the khaganate also lost Dzungaria to China. In 651 he was overthrown by Ishbara Qaghan (Ashina Helu) (his grandfather's nephew) who was supported by the Dulo faction and Tang China.[1]


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Irbis Seguy
Preceded by
Yukuk Shad
Khagan of the Western Turkic Khaganate
Succeeded by