Irène Schweizer

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Irène Schweizer
Irene Schweizer (Annamarie Ursula) P1120606.JPG
Irene Schweizer in concert at Loft (Cologne) 2014
Background information
Birth name Irène Schweizer
Born June 2, 1941
Origin Schaffhausen, Switzerland
Genres Avant-garde jazz
Free improvisation
Free jazz
Occupation(s) Musician
Instruments Piano
Associated acts Pierre Favre, Louis Moholo, Andrew Cyrille, Günter Sommer, Feminist Improvising Group

Irène Schweizer (born June 2, 1941) is a Swiss jazz and free improvising pianist. She was born in Schaffhausen, in 1941. She has performed and recorded numerous solo piano performances as well as performing as part of the Feminist Improvising Group, whose members include Lindsay Cooper, Maggie Nichols, Georgie Born and Sally Potter. She has also performed a series of duets with drummers Pierre Favre, Louis Moholo, Andrew Cyrille, Günter Sommer, Han Bennink, Hamid Drake, as well as in trio and quartet sessions with others, including John Tchicai, Evan Parker and Peter Kowald. With Yusef Lateef, Uli Trepte and Mani Neumeier she performed at the Montreux Jazz Festival in 1967. One of her most enduring collaborations is with the improvising musician Rüdiger Carl (de).


Solo work[edit]

  • Wilde Señoritas (FMP, 1977)
  • Hexensabbat (FMP, 1978)
  • Piano Solo Vol. 1 (Intakt Records, 1992)
  • Piano Solo Vol. 2 (Intakt Records, 1992)
  • Piano Solo: Many And One Direction (Intakt Records, 1996)
  • Chicago Piano Solo (Intakt Records, 2001)
  • First Choice: Piano Solo KKL Luzern (Intakt Records, 2006)
  • To Whom It May Concern: Piano Solo Tonhalle Zürich (Intakt Records, 2011)

Duo recordings[edit]

  • The Very Centre Of Middle Europe (HatHut, 1978), with Rüdiger Carl
  • Die V-Mann Suite (FMP, 1981), with Rüdiger Carl
  • Irène Schweizer & Louis Moholo (Intakt Records, 1987), with Louis Moholo
  • Cordial Gratin (FMP, 1987), with Joëlle Léandre
  • Irene Schweizer & Günter Sommer (Intakt Records, 1988), with Günter Sommer
  • Irène Schweizer & Andrew Cyrille (Intakt Records, 1989), with Andrew Cyrille
  • Overlapping Hands: Eight Segments (FMP, 1991), with Marilyn Crispell
  • Irène Schweizer & Pierre Favre (Intakt Records, 1992), with Pierre Favre
  • Irène Schweizer & Han Bennink (Intakt Records, 1996), with Han Bennink
  • European Masters Of Improvisation (Captain Trip Records, Tokyo Tower Wax Museum, 1997), with Mani Neumeier
  • Twin Lines (Intakt Records, 2002), with Co Streiff (de)
  • Ulrichsberg (Intakt Records, 2004), with Pierre Favre
  • Where's Africa (Intakt Records, 2005), with Omri Ziegele (de)
  • Live In Zürich (Intakt Records, 2013), with Pierre Favre
  • Spring (Intakt Records, 2014), with Jürg Wickihalder (de)
  • Welcome Back (Intakt Records, 2015), with Han Bennink

Trios and larger ensembles[edit]

With Joe McPhee

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