Irene of Larissa

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Empress consort of Bulgaria
Born Unknown
Larissa, Byzantine empire
Died 1015
Spouse Gavril Radomir of Bulgaria

Irene of Larissa (Bulgarian: Ирина от Лариса) was the second wife and empress-consort (tsaritsa) of tsar Gavril Radomir of Bulgaria.

John Skylitzes reports Irene was a "beautiful captive from Larissa", and nothing else is known about her antecedents. Gavril Radomir married her around 999 after he had expelled his first Hungarian wife, who was pregnant at this time.

They had seven children, five sons and two daughters.

Gavril Radomir succeeded to the Bulgarian throne in 1014 but his reign was short. Skylitzes reports that Irene was murdered along with her husband by his cousin, Ivan Vladislav, who seized the throne in 1015. He also took steps to ensure his position and ordered the mutilation of their eldest son.


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Empress consort of Bulgaria
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