Irexit Freedom

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Irexit Freedom
President Hermann Kelly[citation needed]
Founded 8 September 2018
Headquarters Dublin
Ideology Euroscepticism
Irish Neutrality
United Ireland
Slogan "Freedom to prosper"

Irexit Freedom is a minor unregistered Irish political party founded on 8 September 2018.[1][2] The party intends to field candidates in the European Parliamentary elections in 2019 and Ireland's next general election due in 2021.


Party spokesman Hermann Kelly has been meeting with UK Independence Party (UKIP) members of the European Parliament since 2016 and according to his LinkedIn page has recently met with Nigel Farage. Kelly has previously worked for Farage, who served as director of communications for the Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy (EFDD) political group in the European Parliament.[3] The party will attempt to gather 300&nsbp;signatures to register the party officially.[4] The party has been backed by Ray Bassett, former Irish ambassador to Canada, Jamaica and the Bahamas. It has also been supported by University College Dublin professor Ray Kinsella who argues that Irish neutrality is compromised by remaining a member of the European Union.[5][6][7]


Ray Basset stated on Russia Today that he believes that Ireland should stay in the European Economic Area, with a full withdrawal in other areas.[8] The party also supports a united Ireland. Though a united Ireland would go against UKIP's stance on Northern Ireland, as both UKIP and Irexit are members of the EFDD group in the EU parliament, of which Nigel Farage resides as president. Nigel Farage was also instrumental in helping create the party.