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Irina Meszynski (born 24 March 1962 in Berlin) is a retired East German discus thrower.

On 17 August 1984 Meszynski set a world record in women's discus throw at boycott inspired Friendship Games of 73.36 meters.[1] Her record lasted barely a week before it was bested by Zdeňka Šilhavá with a mark that puts Šilhavá as equal to the number 2 thrower in history. Today, Meszynski's result is enough to occupy the sixth place on the world all-time list[2] and a fourth place on the German all-time list behind Gabriele Reinsch, Ilke Wyludda and Diana Gansky-Sachse.[3]

Her career highlights include a gold medal with 60.30 m at the 1979 European Junior Championships,[4] an eighth place with 63.78 m at the 1982 European Championships in Athletics[5] and a fourth place with 65.20 m at the 1986 European Championships in Athletics.[5] She represented the sports team TSC Berlin and became East German champion in 1982.[6]

She weighed 97 kg, and stood 1.76 m tall.


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Preceded by
Soviet Union Galina Savinkova
Women's Discus World Record Holder
17 August 1984 – 26 August 1984
Succeeded by
Czechoslovakia Zdeňka Šilhavá
Sporting positions
Preceded by
East Germany Evelin Jahl
Women's Discus Best Year Performance
Succeeded by
Soviet Union Galina Savinkova