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Irina Skobtseva in 1966

Irina Konstantinovna Skobtseva (Russian: Ирина Константиновна Скобцева; born 22 August 1927) is a Russian/Soviet actress and second wife of Sergei Bondarchuk.

Early life and career[edit]

Skobtseva appeared in Othello in 1955 along with Sergei Bondarchuk.

She played Pierre Bezukhov's wife Elena Kuragina Bezukhova in the juggernaut War and Peace – a husband-wife pairing, as Pierre was played by Bondarchuk himself. She also had a small cameo role in the 1970s film Waterloo as a French woman who followed her husband to the battlefield.


She semi-retired in the 1980s, but has made some appearances on television since.

Personal life[edit]

She first met Bondarchuk shooting Othello, and they married a year later. His second wife, Skobtseva is the mother of Elena Bondarchuk and Fyodor Bondarchuk.

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