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Irina Nikolayevna Timofeyeva (Russian: Ирина Николаевна Тимофеева; born April 5, 1970) is a Russian long-distance runner who specializes in running the marathon.

She won the Singapore Marathon in 2005 and the Paris Marathon in 2006. She ran for Russia at the 2008 Summer Olympics, placing seventh in the marathon race. She won the Nagano Olympic Commemorative Marathon in 2009.[1]

She was banned from the sport for two years, starting 6 September 2016, due to abnormalities in her biological passport.[2]


  • All results regarding marathon, unless stated otherwise
Year Competition Venue Position Notes
Representing  Russia
1997 World Championships Athens, Greece 41st 2:53:01
1998 European Championships Budapest, Hungary 18th 2:34:44
2000 Chicago Marathon Chicago, United States 3rd 2:29:13
2001 World Championships Edmonton, Canada 11th 2:30:48
Tokyo Marathon Tokyo, Japan 2nd 2:25:29
2002 European Championships Munich, Germany 13th 2:40:11
2003 World Championships Paris, France 40th 2:38:06
2005 Mumbai Marathon Mumbai, India 3rd 2:36:42
Paris Marathon Paris, France 7th 2:30:11
Singapore Marathon Singapore 1st 2:34:37
2006 Paris Marathon Paris, France 1st 2:27:19
Singapore Marathon Singapore 2nd 2:34:35
2007 Berlin Marathon Berlin, Germany 4th 2:26:54
2008 Hamburg Marathon Hamburg, Germany 1st 2:24:14
Olympic Games Beijing, PR China 7th 2:27:31
Shanghai Marathon Shanghai, PR China 1st 2:26:19
2009 Nagano Marathon Nagano, Japan 1st 2:30:07
Shanghai Marathon Shanghai, PR China 4th 2:33:31
2010 European Championships Barcelona, Spain 9th 2:35:53

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