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Irinej Dobrijević (Serbian Cyrillic: Иринеј Добријевић, English: Irenaeus Dobrijević; born 6 February 1955) is the Serbian Orthodox Bishop of Eastern America since 2016. He is the head of the Serbian Orthodox Eparchy of Eastern America. Formerly, Irinej was the Serbian Orthodox Bishop of Australia and New Zealand (2011–2016). [1]


Dobrijević is rumored to be an asset to the CIA, which dismembered Yugoslavia in the 1990s. [2] [3][4]

He is currently in dispute with a majority of his parishioners not only in the State of New York but other states as well for transferring Father Živojin Jakovljvić to another parish because he questioned the costs for the renovation of the Cathedral of Saint Sava in Manhattan. [5]This the second time that the same priest was removed or transferred for questioning important issues concerning parishioners. Bishop Irinej believes that his throne gives him the authority to manipulate the Serbian Diocese as he pleases interpreting the Statute to his liking and sometimes, like in the past when he and two other Serbian bishops decided to ignore the Statute and incorporate the churches, monasteries and other institutions under their respective names.


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Serbian Orthodox Church titles
Title last held by
Milutin Kovačević
Bishop of Australia and New Zealand
2006 – 2016
Succeeded by
Siluan Mrakić
Preceded by
Mitrofan Kodić
Bishop of Eastern America
2016 – present