Iris (Iris album)

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Iris I
Studio album by Iris
Released 1984
Recorded 1984
Genre Hard rock
Length 35:47
Label Electrecord
Iris chronology
Iris I
Iris II

Iris (also known as Iris I) is the first album by Romanian hard-rock group Iris and the first heavy-metal disc in Romania. This album is considered one of the best of Romanian rock and it is a milestone for the rock music of the country. All of the songs were inducted into Romanian rock hall of fame, including "Trenul fără naş" ("The Train without Its Master"), which is considered an anthem for Romanian rockers.[citation needed]

Track listing[edit]

  1. Doar pentru voi (Olteanu/Minculescu)
  2. Trenul fără naş (Mihai Popescu/Adrian Paunescu)
  3. Pe ape (Minculescu)
  4. La popas (Ochescu/Minculescu)
  5. Cei ce vor fi (Ochescu/Mircea Dinescu)
  6. Spre ziuă (Dumitrescu/Minculescu)
  7. Noaptea (Olteanu/Georgeta Dumitrescu)
  8. Iris (Ochescu/Minculescu)