Iris (color)

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Iris flowers
Closeup photo of a purple iris flower
An iris flower in the Chanticleer Garden in Pennsylvania
A field of purple, white and blue iris flowers
The Yagyu Iris Garden in Nara, Japan
Closeup photo of an iris flower which is white with purple streaks
The taxonomical name of this Rabbitear Iris is Iris laevigata
The iris genus contains 260–300 species of flower, many of them of blue and purple shades.

Iris is an ambiguous color term, usually referring to shades ranging from blue-violet to violet.

However, in certain applications, it has been applied to an even wider array of colors, including pale blue, mauve, pink, and even yellow (the color of the inner part of the iris flower).[1]

The name is derived from the iris flower, which comes in a broad spectrum of colors.

The first recorded use of iris as a color name in English was in the year 1916.[2]

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